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Does a mature tree produce sweeter or more abundant fruits? This is
not a science question, but one for the humanities. The young roadside
thickets are full of flowers open wide. Three weeks ago I first saw
this stand of spiny, ‘short trees’ with long scaly bark, and
optimistically thought wild plum, Prunus americana. Later I went out
of town for a long weekend and returned to the roadsides dressed in
white blossoms. Wild plum! Wild Plum! I would point and exclaim
excitedly, having never so assuredly seen this plant before. And so I
returned to the stand of mature, guessed, hoped for wild plum and…
no flowers, but growing buds. The buds that grow and when you turn
around back to look again have grown yet some more. Does a mature tree
grow more abundant or sweeter fruits? Is such more wise to wait for
late spring frost before opening flowers anew? Can you smell a prairie
burned four weeks and three rains ago? I can answer only the last
question, yes.

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Robert Liva

2 Responses to “IF I FLOWER ‘FORE FROST”

  1. James McGee

    There is a short story titled “Wild Plums” by Grace Stone Coates that you might enjoy.


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