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Want to help run this group by organizing restoration workdays, nature hikes, and camping trips in the Chicagoland region? Contact

There are several ways to find out what we’re up to and make sure you get in on the action.

Email List

Sign up for our email list (also in the sidebar over there). We’ll send out our upcoming events with any last details you may need. We usually only bug you a few times each month, and we do our best to entertain…


Join our group page at Habitat 2030 and find lots of photos and posts. Group members often post about related opportunities, too. (“I’m going snorkel-birding in Venezuela this weekend. Anyone in?”)

Workdays & Events

Back in the olden days, people actually had to be face to face to exchange information. At our events, you can get the news from the horse’s mouth. That may just well be the best way.


We use Slack for team communication. Slack is a messaging service that is like a hybrid of email, chatting, and texting. You can use it on your phone, from the web browser, and as a desktop client. There are multiple “channels” on different topics like planning workdays and events, collaborating on specific projects, or just nerding out about turtles. To get an invite to our Slack team, email

Contact Us

If you still have questions or want to get in touch with a real person, you can always email us at