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Does a mature tree produce sweeter or more abundant fruits? This is not a science question, but one for the humanities. The young roadside thickets are full of flowers open wide. Three weeks ago I first saw this stand of spiny, ‘short trees’ with long scaly bark, and


Light swarms of gnats greet us in the poor floodplain that sprawls from ‘At Your Own Risk’ class B road to stream. Hundreds of planted trees neatly in contoured rows give way to a thicket of elderberry and woodland sunflower. The click and buzz of red bellied woodpecker and


The abundant yet minute pasture grasses spring underfoot. Woodcock silhouette flies by once, twice, as I walk away from the plum patch below the inter-aged tree planting. I walk towards the call of frogs after first finding the woodcock caller on the wing in a triangle of corn stubble, brome, and prairie burned into the… Read more »