Bees Knees

You are the knees of bees
which is to say
you are the joints that
connect the top part of the
leg of a bee
to the bottom part of theleg of a bee.
This is an important job for
a bee.
As you are probably aware —
for you are as smart as
a hive — bees communicate
through dancing, their language
is all booty shaking
and is therefore impossible
without the knees.
You are as the knees of bees
as you are the songs of whales
as you are the larynxes of humans
as you are the waft of the pollen of
the poppies in the sky
calling out to the bee
to catch on her knees to help
create more poppies forever.
You are a necessary connection
across space-time —
you are the bend and leap
just before flight.  Honey.

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Robb Q. Telfer

Advisory Group Member at Habitat 2030
Robb Telfer is a professional performance poet and organizes volunteers for habitat restoration with The Field Museum in Chicago. He serves on the Advisory Group for Habitat 2030 and helps moderate the Calumet Nature Nerds Facebook group here. He doesn't know how to science very good, but he's trying.

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