Hooded Warbler by Jerry Goldner

Hooded Warbler by Jerry Goldner

Displaying hooded ng warbler cool 2.jpgThis year (2016) the Forest Preserves of Cook Country are launching a sweet program to get new people exposed to birding. The 2016 Big Year will give awards for the team who birbs the most birbs – register on this page and pick a team for a preserve near you or one you want to know better (I’m partial to the team at Eggers Grove because it’s clearly the best one). Whichever team you join (you can go to as many sites as you want) you will meet a lot of folks who want to share their knowledge with you and have promised not to be mean about it. DNAinfo has already written a story about it!

Join the Facebook page to see tons of updates of birds birding around Chicagoland that you maybe didn’t know even existed at all!

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Advisory Group Member at Habitat 2030
Robb Telfer is a professional performance poet and organizes volunteers for habitat restoration with The Field Museum in Chicago. He serves on the Advisory Group for Habitat 2030 and helps moderate the Calumet Nature Nerds Facebook group here. He doesn't know how to science very good, but he's trying.

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