Volunteers Restore Wetlands at Eggers Grove

The new Calumet 2030 wing of H2030 is growing, with community and institutional partnerships coming together to heal the natural spaces of the bi-state Calumet region.  Here’s a video of one of those efforts – a native wetland planting at Eggers Grove on Chicago’s Southeast side.

Volunteers Restore Wetlands at Eggers Grove from The Field Museum on Vimeo.

Video shot and edited by Fred Walls.

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  1. James McGee

    The problem with planting plugs is you often introduce unintended organisms to a site. I actually have a few plants in my garden that might be the only specimens in our region. These plants could only have originated from the commercial potting mix I used to grow plugs of native plants. The way I have gotten around the problem of introducing new organisms is I plant the plugs in my garden and collect seed from the plants when they mature. I then use this clean seed for restoration. So far I have let the most interesting of these unintended plants remain in my garden. I enjoy having them for the sake of study. Also, I still hold out hope that I might find them natively in our region if I maintain a familiarity with them by keeping them in my garden.


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