What is the Millennium Reserve?

As we focus some of our restoration efforts on the entire bi-state Calumet area, the Illinois portion of that (which has admittedly gotten the most love from us, but not because we hate Indiana!) is also the geography represented by a group called the Millennium Reserve. Started by former, yet-to-be-incarcerated IL governor Pat Quinn, the goal of this consortium is to collaborate region-wide on improving the environment, communities, municipalities, and the economies of the Reserve geography. We, Habitat 2030, are just one of those partners.

Despite it being Rauner-time (which is like a combination of Miller-time and Hammer-time, but with considerably less beer and no parachute pants and also no state budget), the Millennium Reserve persists, and they even wrote up this nice profile of the work we’re doing in Calumet. Check it out! You can then click on the link at the end of the article that will take you back to this website, and you can fall into a clicking loop until the internet breaks.

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Robb Q. Telfer

Advisory Group Member at Habitat 2030
Robb Telfer is a professional performance poet and organizes volunteers for habitat restoration with The Field Museum in Chicago. He serves on the Advisory Group for Habitat 2030 and helps moderate the Calumet Nature Nerds Facebook group here. He doesn't know how to science very good, but he's trying.

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