Damn, I love a bog!
Not quite a lake
Not quite a swamp
It’s just right in between
And dangerous as all get out!
I’ve heard tale they’ve dragged entire horse skeletons out of bogs.
Entire Quaker families out of bogs.
Once they discovered an entire museum devoted to bogs inside a bog!

Bogs don’t have to take shit from nobody.
Since the beginning of time the bog has feared no living thing.
Bogs take what they want with no apology.
Bogs have endless appetites.
Bogs live to hear the shrieks of those unfortunate to step inside their soupy parlor.
Bogs have no desire to become solid, to stand their ground.
Bogs don’t need to hear from other bogs.
Their lives suck as they suck lives.
Bogs are bad ass.
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Shappy Seasholtz

Shappy Seasholtz has an extensive 8-Track tape collection, an impressive selection of View-Master reels, a vast array of plastic figurines of old advertising mascots and far too many long boxes of comic books. Shappy is a National Poetry Slam Champion and is the creator of the Nerd Slam, a poetry competition that is half nerd poetry, half trivia-off. He has appeared on CNN, MTV and HBO's DEF POETRY. He was also in the movie FANBOYS as a Trekkie. His first collection of poems, SPOKEN NERD REVOLUTION was published by Penmanship Books in 2011 and his work has appeared in several WRITE BLOODY PRESS anthologies. Shappy currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.

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One Response to “BOG DAMN!”

  1. James McGee

    I have never understood why people think bogs are dangerous. I have walked on many bog mats in the north where they are more common. I must report someone would have to try very hard to get hurt. It is kind of like walking across a large bouncy house while getting your ankles wet.

    In our area bogs are rare. I would ask people to not walk in any of our bogs. My reason is not because bogs are dangerous. Only a little of this habitat is left that we cannot afford to have any trampled.


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